Get Mad, Go Vegan



How To Enjoy:

There are no rules.  Slice, eat, shred, blend into sauces, take to dinner parties.  Do your thing.  Can be frozen.  Enjoy within 5 days once package is open.  

We're not here to tell you how to enjoy this stuff.


Where to Enjoy:

Available only in Ottawa

Currently available for sale at Little Jo Berry’s  
Also found in select Ottawa Restaurants.

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Contact for more information.


What to Enjoy:

There are a few different types.  Click on the flavor to find more information.

  • Bree -- Crowd favorite.  Use this to bake into scones or combine with crackers.  Bring to dinner parties or eat in bed watching Netflix. 
  • Mozz -- Melty goodness.  Shred and top on nachos or add to make a top notch homemade pizza.  
  • Cheddah -- Savour the flavour!  Slap a slice on a juicy veggie burger or make a classic grilled cheese. 

Please contact us if you have any special requests.